How To Stop Procrastinating and Be Productive While Coding

May 9, 2019

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It’s never easy to sit in front of the computer writing down lines and lines of code like a pro, even if you are the best in your team. You will have phases where you will just want to leave everything and take a nap or go out in the open or just sit around doing nothing and that’s okay, but having tons of pending work and yet choosing to watch an episode of your favourite TV series or playing one more game of FIFA is not okay. These are the signs of procrastination and it’s not a good habit to fall into.

It’s not a bad thing to procrastinate in-fact it is a normal thing and every human being does that including the power-house workaholics of big conglomerates. Procrastination can be bad when your are aware of your big responsibilities and still don’t give a damn about it. Further down the road it can lead to the feeling of guilt, self-criticism, anxiety, etc. Coding can get boring sometimes but here are some tips you can use while coding which will help you not to procrastinate and be productive instead.

1. Social Media/ Mobile Phones

Living in today’s modern era is good but it has its downsides as well; with lots of technology around us we often find ourselves trapped in it which hinders our work and every other responsibility of ours.  Block every social media website on your computer while working, this way you won’t get any notifications and you won’t be able to access any of those time wasting websites.Use apps on your phone that restricts you to open the selected apps during the selected hours and also helps you keep track of how much time you spent on which application. Still the best way and the most important thing while sitting down to code is to go old school and silent your phone and keep it out of hand’s reach. This way you won’t be tempted to check it every other minute.

2. Unwanted Noise

Whether you are coding for a simple feature or developing something big, focus is a must in both the cases and having unwanted noise around you can not only disturb your concentration but also irritate you and unease your brain.

The best practice to avoid any such thing is to put on headphones that cover your ears and prevents any of the outside noise from disturbing you. You can also put on some soothing music to calm your brain resulting it to think fast and optimally. There are tons of music playlists available on Youtube, Spotify, etc which can help you to focus on your work and give your brain a healthy music food.

Many coders and developers practice this to improve their productivity and avoid getting distracted or disturbed by people easily.

3. Good Environment

Your work environment is very important when it comes to your productivity. The environment you work in affects your brain and is the decisive factor of your mental condition. If you are not able to work properly at your current place then try changing it.

If you are a freelancer working at home then try going to a coffee shop or library to work, this changes environment can improve your productivity and also working in a good environment helps your mind to relax and not get stressed.

If you are working in an office then try changing a few things around you in your cubicle which can put your mind at ease and create a positive and peaceful atmosphere around you.

4. Proper Sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important for our brain to function properly. Without proper sleep you will be prone to make mistakes and mess up things around you. Sleep deprivation for long time can adversely affect your brain functioning permanently and causes health problems in the long run. Sitting in front of a computer screen for the whole day strains your eyes so sleeping also allows your eyes to get enough rest and hydrate for the next day. It is always the best practice to get 7-9 hours of sleep at night and then wake up fresh in the morning without having drowsy eyes and tired mind. Getting proper sleep also helps you solve problems as the brain cells are able to communicate properly and not causing any hindrance in your vision and memory. So it is necessary to get sufficient sleep to be more productive at work.

5. Managing Stress

Working on big projects within deadlines can often cause stress to the mind. This stress if not treated can hinder your productivity and even your brain in the long run. To make your work stress free do not take too much on your plate. If you are working on two projects at a time then avoid getting the third one even if it can get you more money because your mental health is more important than money. Don’t be too harsh on yourself in every matter. many people think being self-critical will help them improve their performance but they are wrong in-fact it can demotivate you and prolonged self-criticism can break your set-confidence making you think that you aren’t capable of anything. So try to relax your mind every now and then by listening to calm music or playing with your fidget spinner when working. There are a lot of toys available in the market which help you relieve stress and help relax your mind.

6. Rest Intervals

No matter how much piled up work you have on your plate, never forget to rest at regular intervals. When you are at a job for more than some time your concentration decreases which later on causes you not to work on that project and procrastinate. Instead make a habit of taking small rests at regular intervals and do something which you enjoy. This can help your mind divert from one thing and keeping your brain healthy will no doubt lead to more productivity.

7. Big Jobs Into Small Chunks

Developing an application might sound easy but only the developer knows how daunting it can be sometimes. And just because it looks daunting doesn’t mean you run away from it. It’s your job/dream and you have to work on it. To make the work look less scary divide the job into small tasks which will make it look less daunting and hence giving you no reason to procrastinate. Set a goal to complete one or two tasks per day instead of thinking about completing the entire big project. Completing small tasks will boost your confidence and give you a feeling of victory which will help you strive further towards the completion of the project. You can also reward yourself with small things at the end of the task which also motivates you to complete the task as soon as possible.


These seven tips summarise everything that you should keep in mind while developing something or working on any project for the optimum result and the well-being of yourself as well. Just stick to these seven and procrastination will be none of your concern anymore. In the end, procrastination is normal but when it exceeds a limit, take that as a warning sign. Happy stress free coding!


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