How To Whatsapp Chat Without Saving Number

June 6, 2019

Meet Patel

Imagine you have to urgently send your address or a phone number or any other document to a technician/plumber or a handyman or any other person for a one time use. Or you have to send some pictures to a stationary person to get those pictures printed. You would have to start by saving their number in your contact list only then you will be able to send them a message on WhatsApp. Here I will show you how to Whatsapp chat without saving number.

This won’t only take up your time and your phone storage in saving the contact but also will give the other person access to see your Profile Photo, WhatsApp stories, Status, etc.

And why would you want to share your personal information with a stranger just for some one time work? So what is the solution to this common yet unaddressed problem?

You don’t have to worry as the technology nowadays has got you covered. There are applications available in the market to help you with such problems. These apps let you send messages to anyone without saving the person’s number in your phone. For instance “Quick message for WA” is easy to use and download, click here to download the application on your phone.I will guide you on how to do this, it’s so simple. Just download and open the application and follow these steps:-

  • Enter the number you want to send a message to and type the message you want to send. You may also want to change country code.
  • Hit the Send button, then you will be directed to the WhatsApp where you can continue with your message. You can also add an attachment with the text or else simply hit the Send button.

Your message is sent without any delay or any previous hassle of saving the number in your contacts and jeopardising your personal content being visible to a stranger.All you have to do is type “Quick Message for WhatsApp” on the Playstore and you will have all the options you want on your screen to choose from. The above mentioned app helps you auto-save the numbers in your history, so that you don’t have to type the number again and sending the message can be as easy as possible.

Gone are those days of saving random people’s numbers in your phone just to send an address or anything likewise. Download the app and get things done without wasting your time or compromising your privacy.