Is Online Presence Important For Any Business?

April 23, 2019

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Thinking of going online with your business? Or are you still confused if it’s a good idea and worth the hustle? Don’t worry because we have got your back and your dilemmas covered. Basically it depends on where you want your business to stand a few years down the road. If you are happy where you are right now and don’t want to step up your game then you are good staying offline but if you want something otherwise then online presence is a must.

What is Online Presence?

Before you go on a hunt as to how to create or increase your online presence let us understand what exactly is online presence. It’s not just creating a website and expecting people to rush to you for business. It’s a continuous process rather than a single task to increase your business. Of course creating a website is essential but it’s not the only thing to do. Let’s suppose you made a website for your company and then? How will people be aware of your website or your business? This is where online presence comes into play; Advertising. It not only brings people to your website but it also helps them recognise your business.

Here are four points as to why online presence is important for any business:

1. To Increase Credibility And Gain Trust

Nowadays business is nothing but competing with your fellow business owners and fighting your way to the top. How do you expect to do that without growing up, and how do you expect to grow without a good client strength who trusts you? A website does the task of pitching for you to the audience as why they should trust you for what you do. The more appealing your website will look the more people will be convinced with your work and the more you will increase your credibility. As the people get convinced with your work and your credibility they turn into your clients that rust you who before were mere strangers to your business. There you are gaining trust of the audience which will eventually lead your business to grow.

2. A Platform To Showcase Your Business

Just as we humans are attracted and more convinced by a great personality, we are also convinced about the business by its strong online presence. Think of your website as a model who is the Voice and Image of your company selling your business to people. The better your model the more people will come looking for it. Your website is the platform where you can showcase your business and the products you deliver without going places.

3. Marketing

Gone are those days when flyers and brochures, which were thrown away without even being looked at, were used to reach out to people telling them about your business. Today people are more indulged in their screens and that’s why online presence helps you to come into everyone’s sight. Online presence makes the marketing of your company easier and faster. You don’t have to go about places pitching for your company, instead people can do it for you with just one click on “Share” button.

4. Targeting Your Audience

Creating/increasing online presence is a way or targeting your business to an audience and not to anyone who may not be related to your business. Social media profiles help us to target our audience. We can’t say what person wants from a company and what are his requirements just by looking at him but it is possible by looking at his social media profile. For example a person’s Instagram or Facebook profile may indicate that he is an entrepreneur starting his business of delivering groceries at your doorstep. So if you own a web developing company you can use target him to showcase your products and help him make a mobile application for his business. All of this is possible only when your company has good online presence and social media reach to come around such potential clients.


At the end of the day all a person would wish is to get things done from home without him having to hustle and roam around places searching for people to help him do his task. This is where online presence is a boon for your business. Having a good online presence also saves you from tough short elevator pitches convincing the person that your are the perfect company to help him with his work, instead let your websites and the reviews of your previous clients do the talking for you.