Role Of Social Media In Business Development In Today’s World.

May 7, 2019

Divyesh kakrecha

In today’s world the usage of social media is increasing exponentially as compared to few years before during the dawn of social media. Social media sites are not only for personal use anymore but they are also emerging as platforms for business development.Facebook Ads is an example of social media sites turning towards digital marketing. Is it necessary to take your business off the grounds to Social Media sites? We are here to help you with the question and you will get the answer by the end of this blog.

We are going to discuss the role of social media in business development and what factors affect the growth and conversion rate of your business.


It literally costs nothing to create a social media profile and take the first step towards the presence of your business on social media. Unlike the traditional ways of advertising, social media is very easy and cheap. You can share content regarding your business and let it reach hundreds of people without paying a penny. Internet will do the work for you while you create content and keep posting it online. Although there are options on social media where you can pay and advertise your brand for example, Facebook Ads which began in 2005 has managed to reach 9.16 billion in revenue by 2017. Hence it is evident that social media advertising isn’t here for a day or two but is going to stay till perhaps eternity.

Real-Time Analysis

If you are still relying on conventional ways of advertising then you are missing out a lot in the world of marketing. Earlier you had to blindly advertise to the mass hoping for the clients to show up at your doorstep and stay unaware of how successful was your advertising strategy. With the help of social media sites you can analyse the success rate of your advertisements and improvise accordingly. The changes are dynamic and you can analyse the dynamic data of your efforts to receive maximum returns on investment.

Target Audience

Social media allows you to target the audience which might be interested in the services you are offering and focus on them rather than wasting time on the mass which is not going to yield any fruit. Social media profiles of people say a lot about them, you can use that for your benefits and find out the people nearby who might be the best leads for you. None of these is possible with the old school advertising methods. After all it’s better to display your ads to interested people on their mobile screens rather than on paper flyers to the mass which will reap nothing.

Improved Responsiveness

Responsiveness is how fast you respond to your customers’ queries and help them with the services they need. Social media helps you to improve your brand’s responsiveness as people are more inclined towards texting on social media rather than calling strangers for help. People often tend to post their queries online and seek help, they also prefer hitting up the online profile of the business for their needs. So in a way your social media profile will help you serve your customers better which obviously will improve your brand’s image.

Importance of Socialising

Social media helps you to know what is trending in the market before the businesses that are not on the social media platform giving you a head start. People’s increasing activity on social media has helped the businesses as they can observe the likes and dislikes of their clients to get insights and offer their services accordingly.

Communication between the service provider and the client is essential in any business. Social media helps decrease the communication gap between the two. You can interact with your customers via social media on a personal level and Improve the business-client relationship. You can do that by replying to the customers’ comments/messages with personalised messages and not computerised ones. This makes the customers feel heard and attended.


No doubt getting socially active is a must for every business because it not only increases your reach but also helps you get better at your business with all the feedback coming from all over on social media. The increase of social media usage by people is inevitable so putting up yourself where everyone can notice you is the best way to establish yourself and your business.